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Ep 46 – Heart valve disease in adults: an update from NICE

In this episode, which has been recorded for Chronic Conditions Month 2022, Dr Rob Hampton (Portfolio GP, Leicestershire) and Dr Yassir Javaid (Cardiovascular and Diabetes Lead, Northamptonshire CCG) discuss the "neglected chronic condition" that is heart valve disease and the new NICE guideline covering its investigation and management in adults. Why can we expect an increase in cases over the coming years? What is the importance of timely diagnosis and referral? In which patients is a murmur more likely to represent a valve lesion? When should an electrocardiogram be recommended? How effective are current management options? What is best practice for follow-up?

More information on Chronic Conditions month can be found here.

Resources discussed in the episode:

NICE. Heart valve disease presenting in adults: investigation and management (NG208).

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