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Actinic keratosis (AK) – also commonly known as solar keratosis – is a very common dermatological presentation in primary care, affecting large numbers of older people. It has the capacity to transform into a malignant lesion if untreated. In this podcast, Dr Roger Henderson looks at who is most at risk of AK, how it should be diagnosed, what treatment options are available, and when to consider referral to secondary care.
In this episode, Dr James Waldron and Dr Thuva Amuthan (GP with an Extended Role in Dermatology) explore dermatological presentations, treatments and complications in skin of colour. The topics that they cover include: inequalities faced in certain patient groups; the psychological impact of pigmentation, depigmentation and scarring; eczema and acne in skin of colour; melasma and vitiligo; traction alopecia; and folliculitis and its potential severe consequences.
Chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) is a common problem, often affecting younger people. It refers to chronic urticaria that has no obvious cause or trigger and which causes weals to occur on the skin most days for 6 weeks or more. It can be a deeply distressing and frustrating condition for sufferers that can greatly affect their quality of life. In this episode, Dr Roger Henderson looks at the possible triggers of CSU, how to approach the treatment of people with the condition and what drug therapies may be helpful.
Dermatology is a vast subject and accounts for a significant proportion of the workload in general practice. Managing dermatological conditions can be a challenge and staying up-to-date is equally so. In this episode, Dr James Waldron and Dr Thuva Amuthan (GP with an Extended Role in Dermatology) discuss topics such as: getting into dermatology as a specialist interest; improving patient engagement and adherence; improving eczema care; acne; psoriasis and the impact of dermatology on mental health.
Dry skin conditions are one of the commonest skin problems that present to primary care physicians, but their psychological impact and psychiatric comorbidities are often underestimated. In this podcast episode, Dr Roger Henderson looks at dry skin, its impact on mental well-being and how it should be assessed and treated. He also gives useful consultation hints and tips about both the dermatological and psycho-dermatological aspects of dry skin problems.

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