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Ep 40 – Identifying and supporting people with binge-eating disorder

In this episode, Dr Kate Chesterman discusses binge-eating disorder. She explores the defining characteristics of the condition and highlights the importance of referring to eating disorder services for treatment.


Key references discussed in the episode:

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  2. NICE CKS. Eating disorders: when should I suspect an eating disorder? July 2019. (accessed 24 March 2022).
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Key take-home points:

  • Binge-eating disorder is characterised by episodes of excessive eating associated with significant distress and feelings of shame or guilt.
  • Unlike in bulimia, there are no compensatory behaviours and as a result patients may be overweight.
  • Binge-eating disorder is a serious mental illness and requires specialist psychological treatment, so we should refer suspected cases to specialist eating disorder services.

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