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In this episode, Dr Roger Henderson discusses an approach to the assessment of epicondylitis. Elbow epicondylitis is more common than is often thought and can cause significant pain and movement restriction. There can also be a number of possible differential diagnoses that need to be considered. This podcast episode looks at how to diagnose both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, what clinical tests to use, the best management and when to consider referral to secondary care.
In this episode, which has been recorded for Chronic Conditions Month 2022, Dr Peter Bagshaw (Clinical Lead in Dementia and Mental Health, South Glos CCG) and Dr Rob Hampton (Portfolio GP, Leicestershire) discuss the prescribing of medicines associated with dependence and approaches to their withdrawal. Is there a link between deprivation and long-term use of pain medications? What is the role of "sensitisation" in primary pain conditions? What are the particular challenges associated with benzodiazepine withdrawal? What alternatives should we be considering?

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