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Heart failure – early diagnosis transforms lives (Promotional content from Roche Diagnostics Limited)

Heart Failure (HF) care in the UK is in need of change. There are astonishing figures around the misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, emergency hospital admissions and mortality rates for patients with HF. In this podcast, Dr Clare Taylor (GP with a research interest in heart failure) and Nick Hartshorne-Evans (CEO and founder of the Pumping Marvellous Foundation) discuss the importance of detecting HF early and how GPs can support this to ensure life-saving treatments are delivered sooner, emergency hospitalisations are prevented, and the quality and longevity of patients’ lives are improved.


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Key take-away points:

  • The core symptoms of HF are non-specific: breathlessness, fatigue, and ankle/leg swelling.11
  • NICE guidelines advise the first step in the diagnostic pathway for a patient with suspected HF should be an NT-proBNP test, a blood test that can be ordered in primary care.
  • NT-proBNP is a peptide released by the myocardial cells when heart walls are under stress (e.g. in HF); NT-proBNP is a sensitive diagnostic marker for ruling out HF.
  • The importance of an early diagnosis and how the NT-proBNP test can be used to help aid in the diagnosis of people with potential HF.
  • Earlier diagnosis allows earlier access to evidence-based treatment, and reduced emergency hospital admissions, thereby improving patient outcomes.
  • Testing NT-proBNP levels in patients removes the likelihood of an unnecessary and costly echocardiogram referral.
  • For people without HF, early use of the NT-proBNP test can help rule out HF as a cause for their symptoms, speeding up access to echocardiograms for people who really need them.
  • Accurate diagnosis reduces repeat or unnecessary GP appointments for undiagnosed symptoms; allows specialist services to be used by only those who need them.
  • Comorbidities that often lead to HF being overlooked in primary care include respiratory comorbidities, renal dysfunction, anaemia, arthritis, cognitive dysfunction, and depression.
  • NT-proBNP test is widely available in England and results are typically available within 48–72 hours.
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