Cardiovascular medicine

Heart Failure (HF) care in the UK is in need of change. There are astonishing figures around the misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, emergency hospital admissions and mortality rates for patients with HF. In this podcast, Dr Clare Taylor (GP with a research interest in heart failure) and Nick Hartshorne-Evans (CEO and founder of the Pumping Marvellous Foundation) discuss the importance of detecting HF early and how GPs can support this to ensure evidence-based treatments are delivered sooner, emergency hospitalisations are prevented, and the quality and longevity of patients’ lives are improved.
After smoking and diet, hypertension is the biggest risk factor in the UK for premature death and disability. One in four people have hypertension in the UK, with around one in three treated to target. In this episode, Dr Roger Henderson gives an overview of the management of hypertension, covering its definition, risk factors, lifestyle management, investigations and medical treatments, including those recommended in the latest NICE guidelines.