Cardiovascular medicine

In this episode, Dr Kevin Fernando considers the case of Juliana, a 43-year-old journalist who requests a cholesterol check because her father experienced a heart attack in his early 50s. She has no past medical history of note. Her lipid profile returns as follows: total cholesterol (TC), 7.5 mmol/L; HDL-cholesterol, 1.4 mmol/L; triglycerides, 2.2 mmol/L; LDL-cholesterol, 2.9 mmol/L. What should we do next, and what do current guidelines recommend regarding the detection and management of familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH)?
In this episode, Kevin considers the diagnosis and management of superficial venous thrombosis. Lesley is a 64-year-old woman who presents to us with a sore, itchy right leg and no past medical history of note. On examination, she has a tender, hard, erythematous varicose vein extending from her thigh to ankle. What should we do next? Should we be worried about underlying deep vein thrombosis?