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In this episode, Dr Kate Chesterman is joined by Dr Alex Brightwell (Consultant Paediatrician with a specialism in allergy) and Liz Ingham (Lead Paediatric Allergy Dietician), both of whom work at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Together, they explore paediatric dietary allergies. They discuss cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA), including: its different types, how to differentiate it from other causes of unsettled infant behaviour and the importance of de-challenging and rechallenging to make the diagnosis. Furthermore, they offer practical advice for breastfeeding mothers, as well as covering the indications for the different formula milks. They highlight the importance of maintaining balanced nutritional intake for infants and breast-feeding mums and avoiding unnecessary exclusion diets. They finish by discussing the current evidence and advice regarding early introduction of potentially allergenic foods in infants at risk of food allergies.

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