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In this follow-up to episode 52, Dr James Waldron and Mr Sam Dobson (Consultant Gynaecologist, Sub-specialist in Reproductive Medicine and BMS-accredited Menopause Specialist) consider the impact of menopause on libido. They talk through the physical and psychological features of menopause that can lead to a reduction in libido, the conversations and initial investigations in primary care, and consider available options for the management of menopause-related loss of libido, including topical and systemic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and testosterone.
Menopause and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be a source of anxiety for both patients and clinicians. Menopause is frequently in the media and is at the forefront of many consultations. It’s on our minds and on our patients’ too. In the first in a series of episodes on menopause, Dr James Waldron explores its background, its coverage in the media, the changing attitudes towards it, the impact of menopause on patients and the true risks of HRT. Future episodes in the coming weeks will explore prescribing and other treatments.

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